What are Safe Money Places?

The definition of safe money is money you cannot afford to lose.

This site defines a safe money place as one where your principal is protected from loss as long as you follow the initial guidelines, and if you do decide to take your money and leave, you know pretty much what leaving early will cost. The opposite is a risk money place where if you decide to take your money you don't know what you will get back. It could be more than you put in - risk money places offer the potential for much higher returns than safe money places - but it could also be less than you started with or even zero.

This website describes and compares various safe money places. It is designed to give consumers the facts, or at least what we think are the facts. It also provides the links to sources backing up data used. Although opinions are given, the site tries to separate opinion from fact.

Safe Money Places is a consumer website. Safe Money Places is not a licensed insurance agency and financial products cannot be purchased on this website.

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